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Having my cake and eating it too.

32 is essentially as far from a milestone birthday as you can get.

(OK…fine, 32 and a half is a far from a -0 or -5 birthday as you get).

Yet even though there was much less fanfare than a milestone birthday, this year was by far the most memorable.

The fun began Saturday night when we (Greta, Jim, my mom, [my dad was in Brazil with my brother for the World Cup], aunt, uncle, my friend Lori, and I) had dinner at my aunt’s house. Before Greta was born I craved fresh cheeseburgers on the grill, but it never worked out to make them. As the celebrated guest, I requested the burgers, fresh salad, deviled eggs and birthday cake. We sat on my aunt’s deck and enjoyed the glorious weather, tasty food, and my favorite company.

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My aunt kindly made my favorite chocolate birthday cake!

A few days later, the festivities continued. On Tuesday nights one of our favorite restaurants, Al Vento, does a date night special – $20 per person for a four-course authentic Italian meal. I asked Jim if we could go for the date night dinner to not only celebrate my birthday, but also commemorate it being a year since we had the serendipitous, “yes, we’re both ready to be parents” conversation. While my mom snuggled with Greta at home, we enjoyed a delicious meal (and a glass of wine for me!) and reminisced about the journey we’ve had in the last trip around the sun. Since becoming a family of three I’ve been on cloud nine. As I told Jim at dinner, “I just feel like I’m floating.” (And no, it wasn’t the wine).

If that weren’t the perfect evening already, Jim had another surprise in store for me.

Jim was changing Greta (or so I thought) while I was chatting with my mom in the dining room when he asked if I could come grab her. I walked into the nursery and found her in her crib with a note and a  small package. And if Greta is any indication, very good things come in small packages.


Inside that tiny box were sparkly diamond earrings – something I’ve been pining for for years.


Talk about “icing” on the cake!

On Wednesday – my actual birthday – I spent the morning doing my favorite activities: cuddling with Greta, reading while cuddling with Greta, and napping while cuddling with Greta.



Later in the afternoon my mom came over again, this time to plant some flowers so our house looks as happy on the outside as it is on the inside! :-) Once Jim got home from work we enjoyed a repeat of Saturday’s meal and all the tastes of summer: burgers on the grill, corn on the cob and fresh strawberries from the farmers market. Even the Grand Canyon couldn’t hold the feeling of love, joy and contentment I felt all day long. 

So even though this wasn’t a milestone birthday and I’m seven years beyond my golden birthday, I’ll always look back at the year I turned 32 and treasure it like gold…or diamonds.

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  1. Awww!! I can feel your happiness radiate through this post. I’m so happy for you! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;)