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January 15, 2015
by DB
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2015 Goals

Before 2014 gets any further away from me, I want to look back on the goals I set for myself last year, along with establish what I seek to accomplish in the new year.

2014 Goals Recap:

1. Write. 50 blog entries and at least finish plotting my novel (bonus points if I write one chapter).
Big time FAIL. If you combine the entries here and, I got a little more than half way (32 posts). I did however start on my novel and wrote the first chapter. It’s still in rough, rough draft form, but it’s fun to let the story that bounces around in my head come pouring out of my fingers.

2. Read. Knowing that my time priorities may shift with a baby, I’m still going to shoot for an aggressive 25 books.
FAIL. 25 was aggressive, but I did read 20, so I’m going to say that 80% isn’t bad. Especially with a baby in the house!

3. Learn to:

a) Sew. Come hell or high water, I WILL do this in 2014.
SUCCESS! If you couldn’t tell I was serious about this. Serious enough, in fact, to sign up for sewing lessons at 32 weeks pregnant. Read the recap here.

b) Ski. I’ve wanted to take skiing lessons for the past few winters, but obviously being pregnant is not an ideal time so it will have to wait until next winter.
Fail. I was going to sneak this in by the end of December, but then we bought a house and moved, so my free time wasn’t so free anymore. I still might be able to get this in before the snow melts, so I’ll bump it again.

4. Exercise. It’s incredibly vain, but gaining weight has been the hardest mental challenge for me during pregnancy. After she’s born I want to get back to my healthy living practices, including regular exercising.
Success. I gained 40 lbs during pregnancy, and I’m within five of my pre-pregnancy weight (10 if I REALLY want to get back to where I was the fittest). All of my pants are fitting, so I’m pleased to be where I’m at at 8 months postpartum.

5. Embrace. Parenthood is one of those worlds where you just can’t possibly comprehend it until you’re fully immersed in it, so I really have no idea what to expect. I do know that there are going to be some huge adjustments, and it’s my goal to take things one day at a time and deal with it all as it comes. Hopefully this translates into a more relaxed, happy me.
Success. Given Greta’s early sleeping habits, the transition into parenthood was fairly easy.

Total results: 2.5/5 or 50%. Not the best, yet I still enjoy having things to work towards, so here’s what I’m striving for in 2015:

2015 Goals

1. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. Obviously I had these as part of my goals last year, but they are how I enjoy spending my downtime (except arthimetic, that’s just in there for funzies), so I want to continue to focus on making sure I make time for “me” activities. I’m going to again shoot for 25 books, and instead of worrying about number of blog posts, just commit to documenting the things I feel need documenting. How about I also write at least two more chapters in my book? At that rate, I’ll have it published when I’m 45.

2. Learning. NERD ALERT: I just such a thrill from learning about new things. Since recently listening to the podcast Serial, I’ve reignited my love for listening to something thought-provoking in the car. So each week I’d like to spend the time listening to a podcast on a topic I know nothing about. Hopefully by this time next year I can report back on the 52 new bits of information I now have stuffed in my brain.

3. Hydrate. It should go without saying that I will continue my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising, but one area that needs improvement is my water intake. In the past I’ve used the idrated app on my phone, but have totally fallen out of practice with that. It tracks when you meet your hydration goals, so I’m going to strive to have 250 days where I track and achieve drinking 64 oz of water.

4. Pause. Parenthood is a never-ending test in patience. And there’s no downside to being more patient when it comes to dealing with little ones. So when life is feeling chaotic and my rope is nearing its end, I want to remind myself to pause, take a deep breath, and try to find something positive about the situation. Time feels so fleeting these days that if I can re-direct negative energy in a positive way, I hope that it leads me to revel in these moments just a bit longer.

5. Connect. With Greta’s arrival and our big move, I’ve struggled with the fact that our house hasn’t been as orderly as I would’ve liked. And sometimes I’m so focused on trying to restore order that it comes at the expense of enjoying life with my little family – in particular, quality time with Jim. So I resolve to spend less time nagging Jim about the boxes of stuff that will inevitably linger and instead focus on having meaningful conversations with my one and only.

Here’s to another great year!